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NAPCO Membership

NAPCO membership is a valuable opportunity to tap into NAPCO's first-class educational content in a forum that allows you to interact with industry colleagues on a more personal basis.   We bring industry experts and speakers together with meeting attendees in a forum that promotes quality discussions among professionals. 


The Benefits of Being a Member

Education....our meetings are designed to provide the most relevant topics for the advancement of attendees' knowledge as well as providing our members' CPE credits for their professional designations.

Networking....NAPCO’s membership base consists of investor owned utilities, municipalities, government agencies, wholesale energy traders, merchant energy companies, law firms, and various credit-support vendors/affiliates from across the U.S. and Canada.  Our smaller group size provides you and your staff an opportunity to truly connect with industry peers and to make lasting professional connections.  This results in tangible working relationships among your counterparties and colleagues.

Value....we believe strongly in providing the best of both worlds in bringing together top-notch educational sessions and quality networking events for our members at the lowest cost possible.  Both our membership dues in combination with our low-cost meeting registration fee are significantly less than other industry groups, and we do so without sacrificing quality, making NAPCO a valuable resource for your networking and training budgets.

Meeting Locations....our meeting locations are in a new and vibrant location every meeting - from scenic Northwest cities like Portland or Seattle to the warm southern hospitality of Texas....from the sunshine of California and Arizona to the relaxed fun of the Big Easy!  We think if you are going to a meeting, why not also be somewhere you want to visit?

Affordability....our extremley affordable membership is company-wide, covering all your staff (not just one employee) and covers the entire fiscal year (encompassing three meetings).  This represents a significant savings for your company/department budget.
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Join NAPCO Today!

A membership application form for 2017 can be downloaded below.

membership application


NAPCO membership is company-based.  This means your entire staff can participate at all of the NAPCO events (as opposed to an individual membership).  


Company Membership Levels:
Regular Membership 
  • $750 per company - covers all employees/staff of member company for the entire year.
  • Designed for those companies that are directly trading, marketing or transacting in the energy markets.
Associate Membership (Vendors)
  • $750 per company - covers all employees of Associate member company for the entire year.
  • Designed for those companies that provide various energy credit support functions in the industry, such as vendors, credit software, consulting services, legal professionals, and financial institutions or rating information services.