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We have an amazing group of volunteers whose commitment to the group makes a positive impact -- their involvement is at the very core of the group's success!  Please let us know if you'd like to get involved.
NAPCO COMMITTEE FOR EDUCATION & LEARNING ("CEL") - focused on providing top-notch education opportunities to members and all conference participants
CEL Chair:
Mark Holler, Tenaska Power Services
Tanya Rohauer, Calpine Corporation
Louise Waterhouse, NGX
Anna Wade, EWEB
Claire Barnum, EWEB
Mark Sherrill, Sutherland






NAPCO COMMITTEE FOR ACTIVITIES & NETWORKING ("CAN") - focused on providing amazing networking opportunities that are both positive and fun for all attendees
CAN Co-Chairs:
Annette Sturgill, Iberdrola Renewables
Mark Oosterman, SMUD
Maxi Ettehadieh, Macquarie Energy
Jenny Venter, NV Energy
Justin Riddell, The Energy Authority
Jason Wells, Paragon Energy Software






NAPCO COMMITTEE FOR ATTENDEE PARTICIPATION ("CAP") - focused on improving membership quality and promoting attendance at conferences

CAP Chair:
Erica Kang, Iberdrola Renewables
Maxi Ettehadieh, Macquarie Energy
  Petra Wallace, Roseville Electric Utility
Sue Wiersma, Chelan County PUD






Our Executive Board is invaluable in providing leadership and guiding the organization.

2017 Executive Board
Rebecca Richings
Powerex Corporation
Vice Chairperson:
Justin Riddell
The Energy Authority
Bill Lopez
Portland General Electric
Past Chairpersons:
Robin Griffin, Tennessee Valley Authority
Toby Harrington, Iberdrola Renewables
Mark Oosterman, SMUD
Steve Harwitz, Tucson Electric Power
Mitch Taylor, Macquarie Capital
John Vinski, NV Energy




General Inquiries?
NAPCO Conference Facilitator:
Rachel Reisenauer
Phone: (509) 532-8896