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Thank you to everyone who participated at the NAPCO conference in Portland - from attendees to speakers to our generous sponsors!!! It was a great conference!




Thank you to all of our speakers for their preparation and attendance at conference.  Those presentations that have been made available to us can be accessed below:


Status of North American LNG Export Terminals

download presentation

Potential Financial Exposure (PFE)

Dan Diebold, Avangrid Renewables LLC

download presentation

(Excel spreadsheet available on request, email:

Let's Talk.... Community Choice Aggregation

David McNeil, MCE; Barbara Boswell, Bayshore Consulting Group; and Eric Sandler, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

download presentation

Deciphering the Financial Statement Puzzle

An interactive working group session on implied ratings

Group working session (no handouts)

Navigating the Risks in Carbon / REC Markets

Carl Fink, Blue Planet Energy Law and Shereen Lewis, Capital Power Corporation

download presentation

Energy Market Deregulation in Mexico

Bob Anderson, Tenaska Power Services

download presentation

Electricity - Is it a "good" or a "service"?

Jeremy Weinstein, Law Offices of Jeremy D. Weinstein

download presentation